Motorola DP1400 Battery

motorola cp040 dp1400 battery

Motorola DP1400 Battery does not need to be charged for a long time thanks to its high capacity. It can be attached and removed easily and fits perfectly in the device. Click here for detailed information.

Highlights :

  • 1600 Mah Battery capacity
  • 7.4 Voltage out
  • Standard design.
  • Belt clips
  • Produced with Ni-Mh technology .
  • It has a strong case structure.
  • It can be easily installed and removed.
  • Charges quickly with compatible charging kit

Motorola DP1400 Battery Compatible models:

  • Motorola CP040 handheld radio
  • Motorola DP1400 handheld radio
Motorola CP040 dp1400 battery

Motorola DP1400 Battery Technical Specifications:

  • Battery capacity : 1600 Mah
  • Standard design
  • Belt clips
  • Produced with Ni-Mh technology
  • Out voltage : 7.4
  • Nikel metal consentration average : 10-25%
  • Cobalt consentration average : <10%
  • copper consentration average : 5 – 10%
  • Aluminyum consentration average : 5 – 40%
  • Nikel consentration average : 0-5%
  • Polyetilen and polypropolen consentration average : 1 – 3%
  • Grafit consentration average : 10-20%
  • Cobalt oksid consentration average : 20-40%
  • Mangan oksid consentration average : 20-40%
motorola cp040 dp1400 battery

It has high battery capacity and is designed as a standard. You can use it safely for a long time with its high quality case structure. It is designed and produced in accordance with the use of clips.

As İDEAL TELSİZ, we import many kinds of accessories for the radio industry that we have been in for more than 20 years, such as batteries, headphones, clips, antennas or charging sets. Return we get from users and bring our products to Turkey thanks to the tests we carried out before submitting the most appropriate in terms of market performance as well as high rates of not trying to offer you. Motorola DP1400 Battery product is one of the products we have imported. You can contact us by clicking this link to get the product or get more detailed information.

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