What is OKTH ?

    It is short software for the phrase common-use radio service.In order to fully understand the meaning it expresses ,it is necessary to know the working logic of the radio.The radios we use for communication are technically using a frequency .We can think of it as ribbons in your car. It's like vehicles wanting to go in each lane.In our country, the frequency band offered for the use of civilian space poses a problem because it cannot meet the demand.In order to find a partial solution to this, the official infrastructure of OKTH systems has been established and put into service. There are currently about 60 OKTH operators in Turkey. This number may decrease or increase over time. These companies provide radio operation services with the systems they have established called role or trunk.These systems serve more radio users with less frequency by using frequencies more efficiently as technical infrastructure.


    Our Company Is Ideal Communication San. Tic. Co. Ltd. as a company which is authorized to provide OKTH (common use radio service) in all of Turkey,it provides services if requested by companies or public organizations. These services may be local area or buildings, or may be in a large area to cover County or provincial borders.The biggest advantage of working with us for frequency usage is that it saves you the trouble of preparing documents required by official procedures,correspondence processes ,timely follow-up of taxes to be paid.If you work with us, the only action to be taken is the signing of the printed contract.Following this signature, you can start receiving services immediately.